Klipbokkop is a magnificent and majestic nature reserve set on the slopes of the Stettyn Mountains. It is a hidden gem that provides sanctuary for several endangered species and where the fynbos shows its true beauty and diversity. The panoramic mountain ranges are present in all directions, and every valley is a treat for the eye. The beauty and tranquility of Klipbokkop is indeed extraordinary and will fill you with awe.

Klipbokkop Conference Centre

Towards the south the Kweekkraal Mountains, formed (like all others in the Cape region) from forces created through immense pressures and tectonic plate movement, contain white crystals embedded in the Table Mountain Sandstone, carried from far away millions of years ago. Today, the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve, nestled in the Kweekkraal Mountain range, is a prime destination for many 4x4 enthusiasts who combine their spirit of adventure with a love of nature and compassion for conservation. The Groenewald family established the 4x4 Eco Challenge and regularly organise Conservation Outreach expeditions into Africa.

You are in the heart of fynbos country, but just towards the north is the interesting Worcester cut-line – where Karoo meets fynbos and the flora environment changes within a short distance, sometimes within metres. The other side of Brandvlei Dam (to the north) is covered by 100% Karoo vegetation.

Towards the northwest you will find Brandvlei Correctional Services, which is home to a hot spring with temperatures of up to 63 °C, the hottest in South Africa. The Table Mountain Group hot water springs vary between 35 °C and 45 °C. The water at nearby Goudini and the Brandvlei hot springs are both classified as "pure" by virtue of its low content of dissolved mineral matter. "Brandvlei" or "The Burning Marsh" was named after the regular appearance of steam rising from the rivulet flowing into the dam, especially during early mornings.

You might even be rewarded with a glimpse of the shy Klipspringer (or Klipbok in colloquial), known for its remarkable jumping ability. This small antelope, quite at home in this mountainous area, is able to leap to staggering heights of 25 feet, which is about 15 times its own height.

Take a moment to enjoy the environment; a magnitude of fynbos species, spectacular animal & bird life and unique geology. 

Cape Leopard Trust

The CLT Boland project is a field study of the Cape leopard population in the Boland Mountains. This study aims to establish the first rigorous population estimates for leopards in this region, and to identify possible conflict hotspots. The ultimate objectives of the research are:

  • to obtain baseline data necessary for ensuring the survival of leopards in the Cape mountains;
  • to alleviate leopard-farmer conflict;
  • to establish the presence/absence/relative abundance of resident mammal populations.

For more information visit http://www.capeleopard.org.za/