Why bird-watching at Klipbokkop?

Klipbokkop offers a unique opportunity for bird lovers to observe a wide variety of birds in a sanctuary of pristine fynbos and mountainous terrains with rocky outcrops.

Klipbokkop boasts with diverse terrains within an 8 km radius, which includes:

  • undisturbed inland waters,
  • wetlands,
  • sandbelts,
  • irrigated farmlands, and
  • renosterveld.

Since Klipbokkop is nestled in the mountains, the bird life is as abundant at the Conference Centre as in the rest of the unspoiled landscape.

Birdwatching can be enjoyed by walking on the mountain tracks, while engaging in guided 4x4 driving on any of the three routes or when sipping a cocktail, enjoying the breathtaking views.

Klipbokkop was developed and is managed with a commitment to promote responsible and environmentally friendly tourism, and is always striving to attract and educate like-minded visitors.

Birding at Klipbokkop

  • 001 Common Ostrich Volstruis
  • 008 Dabchick Dobbertjie Klein
  • 060 African Darter Slanghalsvoel
  • 060 African Darter Slanghalsvoel
  • 062 Grey Heron Reier Blou
  • 067 Little Egret Reier Kleinwit
  • 102 Egyptian Goose Kol Gans
  • 116 Spur-winged Goose Wildemakou
  • 127 Black-shouldered Kite Valk Blou
  • 131 Verreaux's Eagle Arend Witkruis
  • 152 Jackal Buzzard Jakkalsvoel Rooibors
  • 165 African Marsh Harrier Afrikaanse Vleivalk
  • 203 Helmeted Guineafowl Tarentaal Gewone
  • 208 Blue Crane Kraanvoel Blou
  • 228 Red-knobbed Coot Bleshoender
  • 349 Speckled Pigeon Duif Krans
  • 354 Red-eyed Dove Duif Grootring
  • 392 Barn Owl Uil Nonnetjie
  • 408 Freckled Nightjar Naguil Donker
  • 512 Thickbilled Lark
  • 520 White-throated Swallow Swael Witkeel
  • 529 Rock Martin Swael Krans
  • 566 Cape Bulbul Kaapse Tiptol
  • 589 Familiar Chat Spekvreter Gewone
  • 601 Cape Robin-Chat Janfrederik Gewone
  • 611 Cape Rock Jumper
  • 641 Victorin's Warbler Rooiborsruigte Sanger
  • 661 Cape Grassbird Grasvoel
  • 686 Karoo Prinia Langstertjie Karoo
  • 698 Fiscal Flycatcher Vlieevanger Fiskaal
  • 700 Cape Batis Kaapse Bosbontrokkie
  • 713 Cape Wagtail Kwikkie Gewone
  • 716 African Pipit Koester Gewone
  • 746 Bokmakierie Bokmakierie
  • 757 Common Starling Spreeu Europese
  • 769 Red-winged Starling Spreeu Rooivlerk
  • 773 Cape Sugar Bird
  • 773 Cape Sugarbird Kaapse Suikervoel
  • 773 Female Cape Sugarbird Female Cape Sugarbird bathing in front of the Conference venue
  • 775 Malachite Sunbird Jangroentjie
  • 777 Orange-breasted Sunbird Suikerbekkie Oranjebors
  • 783 Southern Double-collared Sunbi Cinnyris chalybeus
  • 796 Cape White-eye Glasogie Kaapse
  • 803 Cape Sparrow Gewone Mossie
  • 814 Southern Masked-Weaver Geelvink Swartkeel
  • 824 Southern Red Bishop Vink Rooi
  • 860 Pin-tailed Whydah Rooibekkie Koning
  • 872 Cape Canary Kanarie Kaapse
  • 881 Streaky-headed Seedeater Kanarie Streepkop
  • 885 Cape Bunting Streepkoppie Rooivlerk

Birding List

Trevor and Margaret Hardaker, the late Phil Hockey and his wife, Samantha Stofberg Hockey, together with Renier Balt, helped compile the bird list of Klipbokkop.

Download list

Birding Atlas Project

Birding enthusiasts visiting Klipbokkop can take note of the latest Birding Atlas Project. Anyone can join the SABAP2 project as a registered observer and in this way contribute with one’s own observations and sightings.

SABAP2 is a joint project involving various institutes based at the University of Cape Town and BirdLife South Africa, following a similar project which ran from 1987–1991. SABAP2 plans to produce an improved atlas and contribute to biodiversity conservation, specifically avian biodiversity in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Birding Atlas Project Read more