Klipbokkop is an ideal venue for any kind of corporate training activity involving 4x4 vehicles.
The terrain and facilities are just about perfect for this. 4xOverland 4xforum.com

At Klipbokkop we specialise in experiential learning that is tailored to each customer's needs. We strive to keep our team building experiences fresh and unique. The teambuilding sessions can be broken into two group:

  1. Non-motorised activities
  2. Motorised Activities

Non-motorised Activities

Drawing inspiration from nature, we cater for both indoor and outdoor team building exercises. These outdoor activities can take place on the mountain or on the sandy beaches of the Brandvlei Dam.

Motorised Activities

Using Toyota Hilux 4x4 Bakkies, we've developed special programs and activities to challenge every team for which the desired outcome is to build and enhance their team.

Here is one example of a blind navigation course on the beach. The driver is blindfolded while the 1 or 2 co-pilots direct the driver through the course.