A team from Woolworths held their 3-day teambuilding conference on "Rules of Management" at Klipbokkop.

Day 1: Woolworths Teambuilding

Day 2: Woolworths Rocks

Day 3: Those Baker Boys & Girls

Thank you from Woolworths

Woolworths Teambuilding on Rules of Management

Dear PG and Klipbokkop – Team

Once again I would like to thank you and your team for the pleasant stay at your Klipbokkop facilities.

Your focus on quality in your offerings matched our expectation. The guys are still speaking about the food and we are all very impressed with the way you dealt with this big diverse group.

I also would like to thank your team on the way they have conducted themselves throughout the teambuilding exercises. It was a very good experience.

The way you and Hansen put the teambuilding together to focus on the main managerial rules were very efficient and each one of our team members could learn from it.

It was a very good and successful teambuilding experience. We cannot wait to visit you again!!

Kind regards

De Wet Vosloo
General Manager - Equipment National