Training Terrains

  • Sand
  • Mountain
  • Quarry
  • Water & Mud
  • Recovery

Sand Terrain

The sand training takes place on the sandy hills of the Brandvlei Dam. Don't misjudge them, as these training tracks can trick the most experienced driver. 


Mountain Terrain

With over 55 km of 4x4 tracks in the mountain, there are tracks for the novice and the expert to enjoy, while taking in the breath-taking beauty of the reserve.



The old quarry is the perfect place for teaching a variety of 4x4 techniques in a controlled environment.


Water/Mud Training

Learn the skills to master water and mud surfaces


Recovery Training

Getting 'unstuck' in a difficult situation is very important.

The Adventure Academy is focused on training 4x4 drivers on a variety of terrains to promote safety and responsibility.

Although we provide vehicles for training, individuals are welcome to bring their own 4x4s to receive training with their own vehicles.

What makes Klipbokkop so unique as a training venue is the different terrains: water, sand, mud and mountains. This enables us to provide balanced training in order to prepare you for the unexpected while exploring the capabilities of your off-road vehicle.

Group 4x4 Training Bookings

Training can be booked on an individual basis and will take place in a small group context (normally about 3 – 5 vehicles) on specified dates. Experience has taught us that drivers learn more from other drivers’ questions and from seeing how others handle problematic situations. Since the groups are small, training is always very effective and quality is ensured.

The duration of the course is from 10:00 until about 16:00. It includes approximately 1.5 hours of theory, followed by practical driving for the rest of the day. The driving includes a bit of everything, e.g. ascents/descents, recovery and a lot of sand driving.

Upon completion of the training you will receive a certificate from the Adventure Academy. Please contact our office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the next training dates.

Please Note:

More specialised training courses can be customised according to your specific needs, for example:

  • Gravel driving orientation
  • Customised 4x4 training, e.g. recovery/rescue unit, metro specialised units, etc.
  • Preparation for overland trips
  • Defensive driving

Group 4x4 Training - Corporate Bookings

Training only takes place in a group context, with rates depending on the size of the group. The training course can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each group. Special incentive programs can be arranged for larger groups. Upon completion of the training you will receive a certificate from the Adventure Academy.

Training Surfaces Details

Mountain Routes

There are two mountain routes both snaking their way to the summits on the hills to the southwest of the Brandvlei Dam. The driving is suitable for beginners and these drives are always accompanied by a guide. Each drive ranges from three to five hours.

Sand trap

The sand trap is a short drive from the Mountain Reserve and is set near the shore of the Brandvlei Dam, although at no time does the track pass near water. The course starts off easy and progresses to difficult sand driving. There are sharp bends, deep troughs, side slopes and some long inclines to test drivers and vehicles.

Obstacle course

The obstacle course is a mixture of steep climbs and sand obstacles, and it is used for training and having fun while driving your 4×4. It is located about ten minutes from the Mountain Reserve.


The quarry is a series of slopes of varying degrees, used for driving training. Again, vehicles and drivers are tested according to their experience and abilities respectively. This area is great for events and demos and can be customised to facilitate specific needs in a low impact area.


Adventure Academy

The Adventure Academy operates from Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve and specialises in 4x4 training in a wide variety of terrains. International and local clients are exposed to General Tyre's off-road tyre range, where it is tested on the most extreme terrains, ranging from large sand dunes to rocks, mud and a natural skidpan. Klipbokkop is known internationally as a world leader in utilising these conditions in a natural environment. Guests stay in 20 luxury en suite fully air-conditioned rooms. The whole resort is air-cooled against the Worcester summer heat. It also has a diesel generator on stand-by. The Academy has trained people from over 40 countries worldwide.