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Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve, Exclusive Conference Centre & Brewhouse Pub,
hidden in the Boland Mountains, the heart of the Cape Floristic Kingdom.

A Special Invitation to all the Ladies driving 4x4/SUV vehicles

If you are driving a vehicle that can be driven off the tar and if you are not sure about all the features of your vehicle, this day is exactly what you need!

Our aim for this day is to empower women, to feel in control of their off-road vehicle in different scenarios and surfaces. This day forms part of the WOMEN’S AWERENESS MONTH with specific emphasis on familiarizing women with her own SUV/4x4 vehicle.

This is also a workshop exclusively for women that are insecure about the handling of their vehicle on gravel roads, sand roads or any terrain other than tar, that makes your heart beat faster and you end up with white knuckles on the steering.

Equip yourself with the necessary skills to drive your off-road vehicle with confidence and enjoyment. Our instructors will be on hand with practical information that is tailor made for you every day driving environment.

Our orientation program will take most of the day, so we kindly ask the dads to care for the children for the day. We will need your full attention. The training will cover the different surfaces and how to approach them with the correct techniques, jam-packed with tips and tricks and do’s and don'ts.

At the end of the day you will be better equipped, with expertise and skills to handle your vehicle on different terrains. This workshop is not about testing the limits of your vehicle but rather ensuring your safety and confidence once you are driving off the road.

Book your place now!

Included in the workshop is a light lunch and refreshments. Please contact us if you have any questions about this training day at Klipbokkop. If you cannot attend on these dates, we can book other days, when we have confirmation of five people on a specific date.